Native Mobile Actions

Native mobile actions are designed for use with applications deployed to mobile devices, where a user’s mobile device features can contribute to the functionality of a Skuid application.

Send push notifications

Sends push notifications to one or more users of the selected app.

  • App: The Native mobile app that will receive the push notification.
  • Type:
    • All Users: Any users with the selected app installed will receive the push notification.
    • Model: Push notifications will only be sent to the users whose Skuid Platform IDs are listed within the selected model.
      • Model with User IDs: The model containing user IDs.
      • User ID field: The field on the model with the actual user IDs.
  • Notification Title: The header displayed for the push notification on the mobile device.
  • Notification Body: The body contents of the notification.

Share content

Opens the sharing widget of the mobile device so the user may share content. Typically used within scenarios that receive context—such as row actions.

  • URL (optional): A URL to be appended to the end of the Message property.
  • Message: The actual content to be shared in whatever manner the user selects from the sharing widget. Compatible with merge syntax.
  • Sharing widget title: The text displayed at the top of the mobile device’s sharing widget.