Platform Actions

These actions are used by Skuid NLX to manage user registration and other permission-related actions.

Register new user

Automatically registers and adds a new user to the user list.

  • Site Permission Set Name: The site permission set to be assigned to the new user upon registering. Site permission set options will include system default site permission sets, as well as any admin-created custom site permission sets with Enable Signup API applied.

    • Admin: A site permission set with full access to all Skuid features and apps.
    • Standard: A site permission set configured for end-users without Configure Site permission, meaning the user cannot edit Skuid pages or change site settings.
  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email address

  • Username

  • Password

  • Federation ID: In federated SSO, an identity provider (such as Salesforce or Google) serves as a singular entry point to a group of applications. To accomplish this, the identity and service providers often communicate with each other using a federation ID, a trusted piece of data—known to both systems—that can identify individual users.

    Within Skuid NLX, federation IDs are set when a user is provisioned and can be updated by Skuid admins at any time.


    For more about SSO and federation IDs, see our SSO topic.

  • Locale: A valid locale code consisting of language and regional location, such as en-US, es-ES.

  • Time zone: A valid tz database time zone code (for example, America/Los_Angeles, or Europe/London)

Log in

Logs a user into the current Skuid site.


Username and password values are often merge variables that reference user input in the corresponding form fields.

  • Username
  • Password
  • Go to default/last visited URL if login succeeds: If checked and the login succeeds, the user will be sent to the last URL they visited. If the user has never logged in before, they will be taken to the app’s home page.

Log out

Logs a user out of the current Skuid site.