Skuid Platform Subscriptions and Usage

Skuid Platform is a subscription-based service. Customers contract for a specific number of distinct users in three categories:

  • Full: Users with full privileges and no monthly limits on logins or transactions. Full is the best subscription for Admins and end users who will be accessing Skuid pages throughout their workday.
  • Portal: Users who share a defined pool of monthly logins. Portal is best for end users who need to access Skuid a few times a day or week, to address specific needs.
  • Public: One subscription that covers all public users, who share a defined pool of transactions. (A transaction refers to any time someone loads a Skuid page, or loads data from a data source.)

Assign and Change Subscriptions

  • When adding users, an admin can choose whether to assign the user to a Full or Portal subscription.
  • Once the number of users designated by the subscription contract has been reached, it will not be possible to assign more users to that subscription category.
    • If you have other available subscriptions, you can assign the user there.
    • You can deactivate a user with the desired subscription type; this frees up a subscription which can be used for a different user, but the initial user is now unable to access the site.
    • Or, if you are out of subscriptions, contact Skuid sales to purchase more.
  • The administrator who created the site will always be designated a Full user; they cannot change their own subscription type or deactivate their own user ID.

Track Subscriptions

Skuid Platform provides a handy tool for keeping track of subscriptions and knowing when you are reaching subscription limits. Navigate to Configure > Subscriptions, where a table displays the following information:

  • Name: The Skuid-supplied name for the individual subscription contract.
  • Quantity: The number of users covered by the subscription contract.
  • Monthly Allowed Usage:
    • For Portal users, the monthly limit on logins.
    • For Public users, the monthly limit on transactions.
  • Type: The type of subscription covered by the contract.
  • Start Date and Expires: Indicates the date the subscription contract starts and ends.

When first starting a Skuid Platform contract, this list may only include one instance of each type of subscription contract. Later, if additional contracts are added during the year, Skuid indicates them as separate items in the Subscription list.


Login and Transaction panes

Logins (for Portal subscriptions) and transactions (for Public subscriptions) are both subject to a monthly limit. These are tracked and displayed in their respective panes.


Do not exceed the number of allotted monthly logins or transactions, or additional costs may apply.

Usage Graph

The Total Usage graph tracks total monthly transaction and login usage from all three subscription types. Rollover the graph to get more information for each line of the graph.