The OpenAI data source is used to create interfaces with its various language models via the Chat component.


To set up an OpenAI data source, you’ll need to enter your API key. Keys can be generated in the OpenAI user settings screen.


  1. Navigate to Data sources.

  2. Click Create.

  3. Set the general information:

    • Type: OpenAI
    • Name: ChatGPT
  4. Click Next.

  5. Set Authentication method to API Key Authentication.

  6. Enter your API key. This can be found in the OpenAI user settings screen.

  7. In the Common request headers section, click the box icon in the object, then click Append.

  8. Add a key-value pair that includes the $Auth merge variable:
    • Key: Authorization
    • Value: Bearer {{$Auth.API_Key}}
  9. Click Save.


This data source type can only be used with the Chat component.