Skuid as a Lightning web component

Skuid pages can be deployed within a Lightning web component wrapper using the Skuid Page (LWC) Lightning component. This allows Skuid to function in Lightning web component-exclusive contexts.

If your organization is already heavily using Lightning web components, then Skuid’s LWC component may be the recommended deployment method for your needs. However, even with the LWC feature enabled, Skuid’s Aura components should function as expected and may continue to be a useful deployment method in your org.

Strongly consider using Skuid’s Aura components if you:

  • Use the Chatter Feed component
  • Rely on Skuid’s Auto-sync with other Lightning Components model property to drive a Skuid-in-Lightning pages
  • Use Aura events for syncing with other Lightning components or debugging Skuid pages
  • Rarely use LWC components

If none of the above applies, then Skuid’s LWC deployment method may be appropriate for your use case.


When this feature is enabled, Skuid implements some new runtime behaviors to allow both its LWC component and any existing Aura components used within Lightning to continue functioning as expected. With that said, keep in mind the following considerations when enabling this feature:

  • v1 pages are no longer deployable through any of the Skuid’s Page/Page Assignment Lightning components—neither the LWC nor Aura. If you require v1 pages and LWC deployment, consider implementing your Skuid pages using the deployment steps described here alongside the Visualforce Lightning component.
  • v2 pages should continue functioning as expected in the Aura-based Skuid Page and Skuid Page Assignment components. However, if you see unexpected behaviors, consider disabling this feature.


Because Lightning web components cannot utilize some APIs available to Aura components, the following features will not work in the Skuid Page (LWC) component—but will work in the Skuid Page (Aura) component.

  • The Chatter Feed component

  • The Aura JavaScript API, available through the $A namespace, including event-based features like:

    • The Auto-sync with other Lightning Components model property
    • The debug event used to provide the Skuid object in the browser console

Enabling Skuid LWC

To enable use of Skuid’s LWC feature, you must activate both Lightning Web Security in Salesforce Setup and Skuid LWC in Skuid’s Org Preferences.

To enable Lightning Web Security, follow the instructions listed in Salesforce documentation.

To enable Skuid’s LWC feature:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Org Preferences.
  2. In the Deploy Skuid using LWC section, click to enable the Enable LWC option.

With the feature enabled, the Skuid Page (LWC) component can now display Skuid pages. The Skuid Page (Aura) component now runs within a Lightning web component wrapper—which should not impact functionality beyond the disabling of v1 pages.


This feature is in beta. If you see unexpected behaviors in your existing Aura components, consider disabling this feature.

Using the Skuid Page (LWC) Lightning component

The Skuid Page (LWC) component appears like other managed package components. Builders can drag and drop it into their Lightning pages with the Lightning App Builder:

  1. Navigate to the Lightning App Builder.
  2. Drag and drop the Skuid Page (LWC) component into the page.
  3. Select the Skuid page in the Skuid Page property.


The Skuid Page Assignment Lightning component does not have an LWC counterpart. If you require similar functionality, consider using Lighting component visibility features in tandem with the Skuid Page (LWC) component.


A feature isn’t working as expected in the Skuid Page (LWC) component

Because this component’s runtime does not have access to APIs related to Aura components, some existing features may not work as expected.

Verify that the feature you’re utilizing is not listed in the Limitations section.

My Skuid Page (Aura) deployed pages are not working as expected

While Skuid’s Aura components should typically work as expected, we continue to monitor the effects that the LWC runtime has on pages deployed with Aura.

Consider disabling the LWC feature and contacting Skuid to file a bug report.

I can’t enable Skuid LWC

This is likely related to permissions. Ensure you have both the Skuid Builder and Skuid Admin permission sets assigned to any users who should control this feature.