Deprecated in Skuid

Deprecated means features and APIs that may remain in Skuid, but whose use is discouraged. These features may be removed at any time.

Deprecated Features

Feature Function Deprecated in Build Alternative/Workaround
The Mobile Composer Supports composing responsive pages for mobile. Brooklyn (November 2016) The unified App Composer

Deprecated APIs

Skuid deprecates APIs when we identify better ways of accomplishing the same task. We also deprecate APIs if there are changes to an associated application (a data source, or perhaps jQuery elements) that impacts the effectiveness of the API.


Deprecated APIs used within Skuid pages may continue to work after they have been deprecated.

However, to ensure the most consistent user experience, builders are strongly encouraged to use the alternative/workaround API option on all pages going forward, and (for pages already in production) to replace deprecated APIs with the listed alternatives.

Feature Function Deprecated in Build Alternative/Workaround
skuid.component.createChildComponents() Create child components within components Millau Update 1 skuid.component.getById(aComponentInstance).createChildComponents()
skuid.ui.fieldRenderers Accessing properties of field renderers directly Millau Update 1 skuid.ui.getFieldRenderer() For more information on converting syntax, see the Millau Update 1 release notes.
skuid.ui.renderers Accessing properties of renderers directly Millau Update 1 skuid.ui.getRenderer()
skuid.formula.Formula.prototype.getFunction Evaluates the final value of any formula string Brooklyn Q2 Point Release skuid.formula.Formula.prototype.evaluate
skuid.formula.Formula.prototype.getName Returns the name of a given formula Brooklyn Q2 Point Release skuid.formula.Formula.prototype.getLocalName
skuid.formula.Formula.prototype.getNumArgs Returns the number of arguments a given formula expects Brooklyn Q2 Point Release skuid.formula.Formula.prototype.getArgumentCount
skuid.utils.combineStrings COMBINE_STRINGS formula function Combine two strings with separator, allowing for both strings to already have a separator embedded in them Brooklyn Q2 Point Release skuid.utils.joinStrings, JOIN_TEXT formula function R
skuid.model.getMoreData   Brooklyn 2016 skuid.model.Model.getMoreData
skuid.model.initializeModel   Brooklyn 2016 skuid.model.Model.initialize
skuid.model.registerModel   Brooklyn 2016 skuid.model.Model.register
skuid.model.sync   Brooklyn 2016 skuid.model.Model.sync
skuid.model.unregisterModel   Brooklyn 2016 skuid.model.Model.unregister
skuid.time.setUserTimeZoneOffset Sets the user’s time zone offset Banzai Update 8 skuid.time.setUserTimeZone
skuid.model.isNewId Returns true/false if the given row is a new row Banzai Use the model prototype method: skuid.model.Model.prototype.isRowNew(row)
skuid.model.getNewId Returns a generated unique id Banzai skuid.utils.generateUniqueId()
skuid.ui.Field.prototype.handleUpdate Called when a field value is changed Prior to Banzai skuid.ui.Field.prototype.handleChange