Make a Toggle Filter from a Subquery Condition

This tutorial shows how to take a Subquery condition and turn it into a toggle filter. You need (1) a table and (2) a Subquery condition on the table model. In this example, we have a Contacts table, and a Subquery condition on the Contacts object that returns Contacts from Accounts in the Education industry.

Step 1: Set the Subquery Condition’s state to “Filterable Default Off”


  1. Click on the Subquery condition.
  2. Click State.
  3. Choose Filterable Default Off and create a condition name (this name won’t be displayed to users).

Step 2: Ensure that the Subconditions’ states are “Always On.”


Step 3: Click on your Table and then click Add Features > Add Table Filter.


Step 4: Choose Toggle as the Filter type and Label the filter then click to Add Conditions.


  1. Choose Toggle as the Filter Type.
  2. Create a label for this filter, i.e. Education. This is the label that users will see.
  3. Click to add a condition to this filter.

Step 5: Click on the new Condition, choose Activate, and select your condition from the list.


  1. Click on the new condition to modify it.
  2. For action, choose Activate. Because in Step 1, we chose to make this condition inactive, we want this filter to activate the condition when users click on it.
  3. Model Condition will display a list of all the conditions on your model with “Filterable” states. Choose the appropriate one (that you named in Step 1).

Step 6: Click Save, then click Preview.


Result: Your table will be displayed and the filter will be inactive.


Click on your filter to activate it.


Success! Only Contacts related to Accounts in the Education Industry are displayed.