Manually Create a Custom Signup Workflow

Instead of using the Signup Experience default or custom pages, you can, if desired, create a custom signup flow via the Action Framework.

Why would you want to do this? Rather than using the standard signup, you might want to embed signup ability into a button within the header of an existing page that is accessible to unauthenticated guest users. This allows these “visiting” users to sign up for their own account at their leisure.

  1. Check Enable Signup API.

  2. Initialize a signup experience with an action (for example, a button):

    • Click fa-plus-circle Add Action and configure the action:

    • Action Type: Run Platform Action

    • Platform Action: Register New User

    • Profile Name: Select a profile that has a Signup API enabled. Depending upon the profile, Skuid will present a variety of property options. The following values are required for all profiles:

      • First Name

      • Last Name

      • Email Address

      • User Name


        Password is also required if your Profile does not have Require Email Verification on Signup checked.

    • Other possible values:

      • Federation Id: A field in the Salesforce interface that allows admins to pick whatever username or username format they want to pass to Salesforce from their user directory for single sign-on.
      • Locale: A valid locale code consisting of language and regional location, such as en-US, es-ES.
      • Time Zone: a valid tz database time zone code (for example, America/Los_Angeles, or Europe/London)

Create a User Signup Flow with the User Signup REST API


  • The Signup API is subject to various time-based rate limits. If you make too many requests per interval, subsequent requests are rejected with a 429 Rate Limit Exceeded error. (The number of allowed and used requests per time interval are returned in a response header.)

  • You can only create new end users as long as your site’s subscription limits have not been exceeded. Once limits are exceeded, new user creation will throw an error.

  • All users created using the Signup API are active by default.

  • All users created using the Signup API are created with the Portal subscription type by default. Usage for this type of end user is billed per login.

    Admins can elevate a Portal user to a Full subscription (for which usage is billed per user / per month) by editing the user’s type in their record on the Configure > Users tab.

For any profile with the Signup API is enabled, you can create new users by making a POST request to the profile’s corresponding REST API URL. All required parameters must be provided as key-value pairs in a JSON request body.

Example request:


Content-Type: application/json

  "firstName": "Myasia",
  "lastName": "Harvey",
  "email": "",
  "username": "myasia",
  "federationId": "Myasia.Harvey",
  "password": "this is a terrible password"