Chatter Feed


The Chatter Feed component is only available when using a Salesforce data source type with Skuid on Salesforce.

The Chatter Feed component displays the Salesforce Chatter feed for the component’s chosen model. Feed content can be restricted to that associated with the record on the first row of the model, or can display a “news feed” for the current end user.


You can use the Chatter Feed component in a Skuid page that will be used with Lightning Experience, but be aware that After-Post Actions (a Skuid feature) are currently not supported in Salesforce Lightning.

Using the Chatter Feed Component

The Chatter Feed component requires a model on a Salesforce object that already has a Chatter feed associated with it.

Add the Chatter Feed

  • Drag and drop a Chatter Feed component onto the canvas, and make sure it’s set to the correct model.
  • Set the component’s properties.


Feed tab [[]]

  • Feed Type:

    • Feed for Model’s first row: Displays the Chatter feed for the record in the first row of the model.


      Need to control which record occupies the first row in the model? Use Fields to order records by with with a sort command (ASC, DESC). Or, create a condition on the model to limit which records are loaded.

    • News Feed for running user: Displays the Chatter feed for the the current end user.

  • Model to show Feed for: The model the Chatter Feed will display posts and comments from.

  • Show Topics for Object: If checked (and Topics are enabled in the model’s object in Salesforce), Skuid displays the topics pane in the component. End users can view, add, and edit topics on a record in the Chatter Feed.


    This feature is not supported in native Salesforce Lightning apps.

  • Show Followers: If checked, Skuid displays the followers panel for the feed.

  • Unique Id (optional): Skuid automatically generates an alphanumeric Id for the component; if preferred, give it a practical name.

  • CSS Class (optional): Assign a CSS class to the component’s DOM element.

After-Post Actions tab [[]]

These actions run whenever a user adds a post or a comment to the Salesforce Chatter Feed.


After-Post Actions are not currently supported in Salesforce Lightning Experience.

  • Actions:
    • fa-plus-circle Add Action: Click to add actions and set them.
    • Convert to Action Sequence: Click to convert the existing action script into an action sequence.
      • Display Name: Give the sequence a memorable name.
      • Description: Describe the goal or purpose of the sequence.


Chatter Feed and Rich Text Field Incompatibilities in Visualforce [[]]

Using the Chatter Feed component in the same page as a Field Editor with a rich text field is not supported when the Skuid page is published in Visualforce.

This is due to incompatibilities in the rich text editor plugin (CKEditor) used by each component when in the Visualforce runtime. Consider publishing in Lightning experience or separating these components into different pages if you must publish in Visualforce.

Issues with loading [[]]

  • The Chatter Feed cannot be embedded into a popup or sliding panel.
  • Users cannot “refresh” the Chatter Feed when they select another record.