Spark Update 1 Release

Here’s what we’ve been up to lately.


Conditional Rendering Is Now Display Logic

We’ve renamed conditional rendering. It’s now called display logic!

Why did we change the name? When explaining the concepts behind conditional rendering and conditional enablement, we found that we frequently used the terms “display” and “logic.” For example, “conditional rendering lets you control the logic for when and how user interface elements are displayed in your app.” We thought it would be simpler and more consistent to call it display logic.

How will this affect your apps and pages? Not much! This name change does not affect the logic you have already set up. You will see the label change anywhere you previously saw a Conditional Rendering tab. Now those tabs will be labeled Display Logic.

Product Improvements

Design System Studio

Here are some of the improvements for the comprehensive and flexible “no CSS” styling tool, the Design System Studio:

Action Framework

  • Add a drop-down menu to a button, image, or row action. Define the label for the menu, the icon, the options, and the action that occurs when an option is selected.
  • Toggle a Table row’s mode, change the mode to edit, or change mode to read by running the Toggle row mode Table component action.
  • Launch a Table’s settings modal from anywhere you can add actions. The Table settings modal allows users to show, hide, and reorder a table’s columns. Remove the button for table settings from the component’s header and replace the functionality by adding a button with the launch action whereever you want it.
  • Send emails with an HTML body through the Salesforce Send Email data source action.


  • More options for controlling the on-click behavior of Name fields. Choose from the following:
    • inheriting the default behavior of the data source (which may use linking behavior)
    • displaying as plain text (no linking behavior)
    • specifying a custom target link.

    For example, Salesforce Name fields link to a detail page for a record. If you do not want the on-click behavior to trigger a link to a detail page, turn off the linking behavior by changing the link property to No Link.

  • “Today” button can be enabled for Date and Datetime fields.

Display Logic

  • Display logic based on online/offline status. Hide, display, enable and disable fields and components according to network connectivity status.

Data Source Types

Microsoft Dynamics enhancements

OData4 enhancements

  • The OData and Microsoft Dynamics data source types now support Actions and Functions that are defined in the metadata payload. Any supported Actions and Functions will appear as data source actions.

REST enhancements

  • Add pagination to model data by using new properties for limit (maximum number of results returned from a single request) and offset (the starting point for each request).

JIRA enhancements

  • Update ticket status by changing the status value in data components.
  • Read/write capability for custom fields now available.

Heads up

File Upload Component (v1) for Skuid on Salesforce is limited by size in Lightning Experience

Due to limitations in file size on Salesforce’s API, a new property lets Skuid attempt to use the Lightning File Upload component when uploading files in Lighting Experience.

When Skuid uses the Lighting File Upload component, some Skuid functionality will not be available. For example, Skuid’s File Upload component properties—File Name, File Description, Enforce Max File Size?, and Max File Size—can not be used by the Lightning File component.

See the related docs for more details.

Rebuild any mobile apps that use v2 pages

We’ve improved the way we package native mobile apps to better function with v2 themes—i.e. those created in the Design System Studio. If possible, rebuild any of your mobile apps and re-deploy them to your users to ensure they work as intended.

IE11 does not support sticky headers for the Spark 12.1 v2 Table component.

To improve the v2 Table component’s sticky header, we changed the value of the CSS element position to sticky. While most browsers support this change, IE11 does not.