Chicago Update 2

Beta labels, context menus, and so much more. Update 2 is twice as exciting and built with YOU in mind.

Polish your UI with precision

More support for HTML in labels (beta)

Fine tuning UI controls just got easier! With the “Allow HTML” property, you can render HTML for elements in runtime.

Property in the Composer:


Page in runtime (Table component with HTML icons in column headers):


Options to choose error display location (modals and sliding panels)

Display error messages wherever you choose—in the parent page, modal, or sliding panel—making way for smoother user interactions.

“Defer tab rendering” for Tab Containers and Tab Sets

Optimize page load times by rendering only the current content (a much-loved feature from v1). Load background tabs only when you access them, preventing page slowness.


Make context menus more powerful

Skuid is built with Skuid, Inception-style, so we’ve added a feature that we wanted to use in other parts of the product.

You can now right-click on an element at the page level, on deck cards, lists, wrappers, or tables, and get the context menu.

By adding right-click interactions (beta), Table row interactions (beta), and the ability to set menu location (beta) with a mouse click, context menus become much more powerful and useful.

Additionally, tables now support interactions across the whole row, opening up options for context menus, drill down actions, and more functionality with a single click—no buttons needed.


Expand your Search component options

Search component merge variables (beta)

Providing a consumer-grade search experience is key to driving user engagement. The component-specific merge variable helps you build more search options for users.


Search component: enter keystroke property and actions (beta)

You’re no longer limited by the component’s dropdown menu with initial results. You can now hit Enter and see all search results when you run a search. Bring an elevated search experience to your communities and portals.



With beta labels, context menus, faster rendering times, and features you missed from v1, check out this version and get the latest Skuid experience!