Edinburgh Update 2


Welcome to the documentation for the Edinburgh Update 2 release!

Don’t hesitate to send your feedback on these new features as we improve the product:

Feature updates

New Action Framework actions

Expand/collapse drawers and sections with actions

Several Skuid components feature expandable/collapsible portions that respond to end user clicks. Drawers appear in Table and List components as context containers for rows—allowing additional details to be described in components within those drawers. Similarly, Accordion components allow for segmenting a page’s elements into easily discoverable sections, which users can freely open and close. These drawers and sections appear in other components as well—including Lists and Filter Sets.

Previously, it was not possible to expand and collapse these UI elements without hacky workarounds. It’s not uncommon to require one part of the page to expand in reaction to a user’s actions elsewhere—or to collapse a section of the page when the user’s completed all necessary actions within it.

With Edinburgh Update 2, we’ve incorporated more builder control over these expandable/collapsible drawers and sections through the Run component action.

For more information on individual component actions:

Copy to clipboard

It’s a common UI paradigm to allow users to copy text with the click of a button—perhaps a link, email address, or a templated piece of text. Skuid builders have built clever JavaScript solutions, but code no more!

With the Copy text to clipboard action, you can send specific strings or field data (using merge syntax) to the user’s clipboard.

Evaluate formula fields on model

Formulas are a powerful part of Skuid’s toolkit, and many UIs use formula fields alongside data fields. To have more tailored control and ensure formula fields remain in sync with actions elsewhere on the page, the Evaluate formula fields on model action can be used to reevaluate formulas on a specific row, any rows in context, or all rows in the model.

Beta features

Beta features represent valuable Skuid additions that we offer to cutting-edge builders for feedback before we mark them as generally available.

Deploy Skuid pages using a Lightning web component

With Salesforce’s investment in the Lightning Web Components (LWC) programming model, developers and admins have more tools to build UIs based on modern web standards. And with Edinburgh Update 2, we are releasing our new Skuid Page (LWC) component in beta.


This component is currently only avaialable through the Lightning App Builder. Support for Experience Cloud sites and other deployment contexts will be available in an upcoming release.

While enabling this feature shouldn’t cause any issues with Skuid’s Aura-based Skuid Page and Skuid Page Assignment components, builders can freely toggle this feature on and off for their org if they see unexpected behaviors. We recommend admins try this in a sandbox org by navigating to Settings > Org Preferences.

Pilot features

Pilot features are not yet intended for prime time production use, but they are available to select customers to gather feedback as we prepare them for a broader audience.

To request access to features listed below, contact product@skuid.com.

Heads up!

skuid CLI versions older than 0.6 no longer supported

With the GA release of skuid CLI 0.6 during Edinburgh Update 1 last quarter, we published notice that older versions of the CLI would not be supported after Edinburgh Update 2’s release.

That time has come. We encourage all CLI users to upgrade to a 0.6 release. Issues from older CLI versions will no longer be addressed.

In case you missed it

These useful features made their way into Skuid in recent releases before this update.

Improved image properties

As part of CORE-4470, we made improvements the Image component’s properties, as well as related Image background properties of various container components (Page, Wrapper, Grid, etc)

  • Improved help text for Model and Merge model properties

  • The Alternative text property is always visible and supports merge syntax

  • Default Image source is now “URL”

  • Image source property:

    • Always shows the “URL” and “Attachment” options
    • NLX – Shows the “File” option
    • SFX – Shows the “Static Resource” option
  • When “Attachment” is the Image source:

    • The “Model” property is shown and is required
    • The “Image field” property is shown
  • Other streamlined properties:

    • Removed unnecessary Data source type, and Data source properties
    • Image URL supports merge syntax, and is only visible when the Image source is “URL”
    • Resource name is only visible when Image source is “Static resource”
    • File Path (within ZIP Static Resources) is only visible when Image source is “Static resource” and Resource name is a ZIP file
    • File name is only visible when Image source is “File”

Removed unneeded “Insert fields” button

In CORE-4732, we removed the extra “Insert fields” button since one now exists within the code editor when a related model is available

Set a custom amount of visible rows in multi-row components

Previously, you could only choose certain amounts of visible rows for Table, List, and Deck components. In CORE-4553 we added the ability to set a custom amount of visible row amounts.

This is particularly useful for Deck components, which could display a lot of empty space depending on the amount of rows shown.

Included tickets

v16.2.5.0 - Edinburgh U2 GA release


On Skuid NLX when working with custom domains, provide UI feedback if DNS entry is removed after initial setup


On SQL data sources, ensure the permission summary at the top of the access control page displays proper access summary

Previously, some permission changes would not trigger an update, instead displaying “No access” even when access was granted. Now the summary properly updates to reflect granted permissions, particularly for “Full access” scenarios


Reserve Click interactions on Template-type fields for editing field values


Fix issue where using the Undo button in the Design System Studio would not update the previews of any affected components


Fix issue in Design System Studio where datepicker style variant previews do not show correct color for weekend days


Fix field picker issue where clicking the picker on child relationship template fields displayed fields from the parent model instead of the child relationship


Add actions for expanding/collapsing drawers in Tables and Lists and sections in Accordions and Filter Sets


Improvements to user experience of properties in the Image Component and in Image background properties of various container components (Page, Wrapper, Grid, etc)

  • Improved help text for Model and Merge model properties
  • The Alternative text property is always visible and supports merge syntax
  • Default Image source is now “URL”
  • Image source property:
    • Always shows the “URL” and “Attachment” options
    • NLX – Shows the “File” option
    • SFX – Shows the “Static Resource” option
  • When “Attachment” is the Image source:
    • The “Model” property is shown and is required
    • The “Image field” property is shown
  • Other streamlined properties:
    • Removed unnecessary Data source type, and Data source properties
    • Image URL supports merge syntax, and is only visible when the Image source is “URL”
    • Resource name is only visible when Image source is “Static resource”
    • File Path (within ZIP Static Resources) is only visible when Image source is “Static resource” and Resource name is a ZIP file
    • File name is only visible when Image source is “File”


Changed the “Visible rows” property for Deck, Table, and List components to be a “type ahead control” to allow for custom numbers of items to display (e.g. show 12 Deck Cards in 3 rows of 4)


With Salesforce’s beta release of Lightning Web Security (LWS) for Aura components, we found some errors would surface for our own Aura components (the Skuid Page and Skuid Page Assignment Lightning components). We’ve proactively updated our components so they will function as expected when LWS for Aura components reaches general availability on Salesforce.


Fix Composer preview issue where using certain URL parameters would not display queried results appropriately—particularly for RecordTypeId parameters on the Case object in Salesforce


Fix Composer issue where rearranging fields within Form and Table components would sometimes duplicate the fields instead of changing their location


Update {{startDate}}, {{endDate}}, and {{allDay}} merge variables to provide more consistent values in on-click and update event actions


For data sources using the “Client credentials” OAuth grant type, support sending specified scopes within network request headers


Ensure custom headers with “Sticky” property enabled are sticky in Aura contexts (Salesforce Lightning)

Previously the “Sticky” property for Skuid page headers would have no effect in Aura contexts, and the header would scroll out of view as the user navigated the page.

Now, an enabled “Sticky” property on a page header will cause it to remain affixed to the top of page area allowed by Lightning Experience.


Add “Copy to clipboard” and “Evaluate formula fields on model” actions


Add interaction functionality to all field types


For REST models, utilize the custom template request when making sample requests


Fix read with inline-edit mode picklist rendering issue in Safari

Previously when editing picklist fields set to “read with inline-edit” mode at runtime in Safari, clicking the dropdown to display picklist values would return the field to Read mode instead of displaying available picklist items. Now the picklist items appear as expected.


Internal build process improvements


Internal code improvements


Improvements for Skuid LWC functionality, particularly around URL handling and rendering certain UI elements


On Skuid SFX, create scaffolding and user-facing option for toggling Skuid LWC functionality, as well as internal refactoring of some Salesforce data source type code


Move component merge variables (like {{searchValue}}) out of beta


Fix issue where Skuid builders without “Customize application” could not update timestamps used for caching—requiring users manually clear their cache to see updates

Previously, Skuid stored certain timestamps in custom settings that could only be updated by those with the “Customize application” Salesforce permission.

While this is permission is commonly granted to Skuid builders, those without that permission would attempt to preview their changes and—since the timestamp had not been updated because they didn’t have the proper permissions—their cache would not clear, and an older version of the page would appear. This resulted in some users being able to see the updated page, and other users needing to manually clear their cache to see the updated page.

Now, timestamps are handled so that even those without the “Customize application” permission can update them, properly clearing the cache for other users.


Fix regression where button groups could not be deleted—only buttons within them or the entire Button Set component


Fix regression where navigation item labels were not properly updated in the XML and did not render at runtime


In the Composer, remove extra “Insert fields” button since one now exists within the code editor when a related model is available


Visual defect in the Composer: The number of the condition is missing is condition type is “Viewport width” or “Snippet returns true.”


Ensure “false” boolean values appear properly when displayed checkbox-returning picklists outside of Edit mode


Fix Design System Studio issue where style variant preview of sliding panel would block the properties pane—preventing the user from making edits


Fix action sequences issue where model conditions were not used to populate field values for rows created later in a sequence


Fix issue where “Button Icon position” values were not appearing in the dropdown menu within the Properties pane


Fix inability to override Vertical Navigation item styles via JSS in the Design System Studio


Fix Wizard issue where step indicators would only appear when using buttons within the Wizard’s attached button group

Previously step indicators would only render if at least one button within the Wizard’s attached button group was configured. This prevented Wizard component utilizing custom step navigation buttons from displaying step indicators.

Now, step indicators appear as expected based on the number of available steps and whether or not the “Show step indicators” property is enabled.


On Skuid NLX, address issues with template properties within Text component’s not properly saving empty-space content


Template fields in Forms missing the “Hide label” property


Fix bug where action sequence input values were not properly passed to “Show/hide menu” actions within the action sequence


Fix v1-v2 migration utility issue where “Run snippet” actions were erroneously turned into “Multi” type actions after conversion


Address a memory leak that can occur when editing large pages


Fix v1 to v2 migration utility issue where Wrapper components would break migration in newer releases


Internal code improvements


Fix Table Settings modal issue where setting pagination would break when end users navigated to a previous page


Internal refactors to improve loading of v2 resources


Ensure that display logic condition numbering updates gracefully when conditions are removed


Text inside the Horizontal Alignment property for Forms was invisible


Fix Table issue where fields marked as read-only on the component would become editable after saving the Table’s model


Reference Field Filter Conditions are no longer filtering related records in Field components


Fix Form reference field issue, where the Form’s field would remain blank even after selecting a value in certain scenarios.

This issue occurred in scenarios where the Form was dealing with a newly created record, typically in a previous Wizard step, and the Form was displayed in Edit mode. After selecting a new value, the Form would not update properly to display the selected field—even though the data had been updated.

Now, the Form field displays updates as expected.


Unnecessary horizontal scrollbar in the middle section of the Design System Studio


X Axis on Bubble charts is ignoring the minimum range value


In design systems based on the Lightning design system, prevent unwanted scrollbars on Table fields in edit mode


Unnecessary required value error for From fields Unique ID properties in the Composer


Addressed internal builder defect


Fix aggregate model regression where date field values returned from Salesforce were evaluated as the incorrect data type


“No fields are marked as filterable for search” error sometimes encountered on SQL models


Adjust metadata retrieval for Salesforce content document features to address “Access to entity denied” errors


Show/Hide component action breaks the page when it references a component that does not exist


V2 Table Filter based on a Salesforce Dependent Picklist shows no values


Incorporate additional aggregate model logic to better ensure date field values returned from Salesforce are evaluated as the correct data type, even when metadata caching is disabled


Wrapper with height strategy “Fit to content” shows scrollbar if it contains a Deck component with a hidden footer


Error loading the Vertical Navigation component when source is “Salesforce tabs for current app”


Fix Composer issue that prevented more than 1 model from being added to a page


Adjust Accordion icon display behavior


Fix pagination label issue that caused “Infinity rows” to display instead of “All rows”


Fix bug where errors occurring inside modals were displayed behind those modals when they were part of an included page—even when the modal’s “Display errors” property indicated errors should appear in the modal. Now errors appear where expected.


Ensure certain container components that have nested items have two of those items by default (Carousel, Tab Container, Tab Set)


Internal refactoring of component code


Fix Composer bug where components could not be added to page regions within dependent pages


Improve performance by adjusting “global” event subscriptions to use a new page-level API (instead of window or document scope) that intelligently unsubscribes unneeded event subscriptions


Within Forms in read with inline-edit mode, activate the field’s Edit icon hover state not only when users hover directly over that icon, but when they hover over any part of the field


Fix “Create new page” modal rendering issue discovered by automated testing


Fix v1 Table issue where headers would not align with columns while scrolling


On Skuid SFX, add Skuid LWC section in Org Preferences


Fix issue where Responsive Grids with a main axis of “Column” would display at unexpected heights at runtime due to incorrect CSS


When Skuid LWC is activated, enable Aura-related features to be used within the Skuid Page (Aura) component


Update analytics tooling


Fix feature parameter deployment for Salesforce-related features


Fix Edinburgh Update 1 issue where metadata overrides that changed Number fields into Picklist fields were not respected in Edit Mode, notably when metadata caching was not enabled for the data source


Updates to allow the Skuid Page (LWC) component to run properly in Lightning communities on Skuid SFX


Deployment script preparations for Edinburgh Update 2 release


Fix issue where Chatter components do not properly render input areas within Skuid Page (Aura) components when Skuid LWC is enabled


Core adjustments necessary to support improved sidebar and canvas rendering for Skuid Database


Fix issue where display logic rules (particularly render conditions) were not enforced as expected on Geochart components


Fix issue where Geochart components would appear not to reflect model changes, sometimes rendering before model load operations completed


Improve Composer performance for large pages, particularly by adjusting page index logic


Fix issue where buttons couldn’t be deleted in the Composer once more than one existed in a button group unless the Composer was refreshed


Fix issue where the Tab Container component would switch between tab and accordion views at unexpected breakpoints when the browser window was resized


Ensure initial sections on Accordion components are assigned a unique Id


Fix “problem initializing component” error that appeared when attempting to create an event in the Calendar component on mobile devices


Fix EU2 regression where the implied context condition of Id = Id was no longer applied and had to be manually specified, causing unexpected results in context-driven components like Decks


Ensure existing Lightning preview methods continue to function with LWC enabled


Ensure style variant conditions update the visual appearance of components

Previously style variant conditions would sometimes not properly update the styling of components, particularly when changing values in edit mode. This fix adjusts conditional class assignment, ensuring variants are better applied when expected


Ensure that internal methods used to reparent nested components properly clean up and remove the reparented component from the previous parent


Ensure v2 components properly listen for user time zone changes

Previously custom time zone handling through snippets would not propagate as expected in v2 components—particularly the Calendar. For users migrating from v1, this meant snippets were no longer working on otherwise-identical v2 pages.

Now we’ve improved how the user’s current time zone is retrieved and the event subscription logic used by components to ensure these changes are accounted for at runtime


On Skuid SFX, cache the chosen Lightning render mode (Aura or LWC) for improved load times


On Skuid SFX, ensure LWC feature labels can be found when Skuid is installed as managed package


Remove internal files related to Skuid LWC functionality that prevented successful deployments


Revert future feature code


Adjust Accordion icon display behavior


Remove unused third-party plugin


Move NLX session variables out of beta


Add banner indicating NLX environment type to admin and builder workspaces


Fix Skuid Database issue where marking fields “read-only” from the Fields tab would result in fields still being editable in the Data tab


In Skuid Database, fix regression in CSV import process where data type mismatch checks were not properly interrupting the import process


On Skuid NLX, fix a content type issue during the certificate uploading experience that caused an “Invalid request payload input” error


Backend adjustments for proxy features


In the Database Console, ensure the Permissions UI correctly switches as you navigate from object to object


Improve UI indicators for an internal beta feature


On Skuid NLX, remove unexpected scrollbars from admin UI


Adjusting runtime behavior of site instance banner


Remove SSL options that erroneously display for Microsoft SQL Server during data source configuration


Adjusting behavior of site instance banner on early access sites to better indicate environment

Future feature development

The following tickets represent internal code changes made for future features.

CORE-3608, CORE-3725, CORE-3726, CORE-4438, CORE-4467, CORE-4483, CORE-4493, CORE-4531, CORE-4543, CORE-4561, CORE-4620, CORE-4628, CORE-4652, CORE-4662, CORE-4677, CORE-4703, CORE-4709, CORE-4721, CORE-4722, CORE-4723, CORE-4724, CORE-4751, CORE-4753, CORE-4760, CORE-4769, CORE-4780, CORE-4784, CORE-4785, CORE-4787, CORE-4790, CORE-4791, CORE-4806, CORE-4809, CORE-4810, CORE-4815, CORE-4820, CORE-4822, CORE-4825, CORE-4829, CORE-4830, CORE-4831, CORE-4833, CORE-4834, CORE-4846, CORE-4850, CORE-4851, CORE-4852, CORE-4857, CORE-4859, CORE-4861, CORE-4867, CORE-4872, CORE-4879, PLIN-4411, PLIN-4412, PLIN-4413, PLIN-4414, PLIN-4417, PLIN-4422, PLIN-4627, PLIN-4740, PLIN-4766, PLIN-4788, PLIN-4789, PLIN-4799, PLIN-4854

v16.2.5.0 - Edinburgh U2 GA release (Backend services)


Core adjustments necessary to support improved sidebar and canvas rendering for Skuid Database


On Skuid NLX, fix issue where environment variables settings would appear to have unsaved changes when they did not


Frontend experience work for utilizing session variables in global merge syntax


On SQL data sources, fix error where Advanced permissioning would sometimes incorrectly display as Basic—even when field-level permissions had been set


Generate code coverage reports on NLX


Upgrade dependencies


Upgrade dependencies


Move NLX session variables out of beta


Move NLX SAML provisioning improvements out of beta


Remove custom domains beta tag


Improve Skuid NLX email address validation to support additional valid characters, like apostrophes (‘) and plus signs (+)


On Skuid NLX, adjust validation behavior for email fields in the user detail screen


Improve UI indicators for an internal beta feature


Resolve issues with the NLX proxy and Salesforce data source authentication handling


On Skuid NLX, remove unexpected scrollbars from admin UI


Internal documentation update


For Skuid’s backend services, ensure header and parameter values can be updated without re-specifying the value source


Backend adjustments for feature flags

Future feature development

The following tickets represent internal code changes made for future features.

CORE-4846, PLIN-4411, PLIN-4412, PLIN-4413, PLIN-4414, PLIN-4415, PLIN-4416, PLIN-4417, PLIN-4547, PLIN-4624, PLIN-4732, PLIN-4740, PLIN-4741, PLIN-4745, PLIN-4755, PLIN-4760, PLIN-4762, PLIN-4766, PLIN-4780, PLIN-4785, PLIN-4788, PLIN-4791, PLIN-4796, PLIN-4799, PLIN-4809, PLIN-4812, PLIN-4817, PLIN-4841, PLIN-4899