Chicago Update 1

Additional display logic for Table row actions

With Chicago’s addition of button group fields in Tables and Forms, row actions in Tables didn’t have additional display logic options for conditional enabling or style variants. These options will now be available for builders who want them for Table row actions as well as button fields.


Ink Classic icons now available in icon library

Some customers shared that the change of styles in the new Ink icons were a potential issue for them in upgrading to Chicago. They requested that we add the old ones back as a set. You can select Ink Classic icons from the icon selector wherever they’re available in the Composer.


Search component: “View All” in results dropdown

The migration utility in Chicago revealed a product gap in v2: results in a Search component dropdown should have an option to “View All” if there are more results for an object than a dropdown can display. To help support migration for customers who depended on this feature, we’ve added this capability to v2 with new designs to make it consistent with v2 look and feel. It behaves similarly to the View All option in v1.


Calendar event sources now collapsible

With all of their actions, multiple event sources in the calendar can get unwieldy as soon as you have more than one. They now collapse and expand just like models do to help manage that space better.


Time field renderer

This small enhancement has been a long time coming. It’s one of the few Salesforce metadata types that Skuid hasn’t supported, but Time field renderers will be available in this update.