Dubai Update 2

Welcome to the documentation for the Dubai Update 2 release!

Don’t hesitate to send your feedback on these new features as we improve the product. And if you have any feedback on this documentation, send your thoughts to

Major features

Released in beta

  • Carousel component: Skuid’s first iteration of the common UI element for displaying a set of images or information as a slideshow, commonly seen at the top of many landing pages.

Other updates

  • We’ve added the Clear search on models action, which declaratively resets all search boxes on components bound to models selected in the action.

  • (SFX only) Support for SF enhanced domains: Enhanced domains are the next version Salesforce’s My Domain feature, allowing Salesforce admins to brand the URL of their org. With this release, Skuid’s own code can better support this functionality.

  • More environment information in Skuid SFX and Skuid NLX settings: We’ve updated our “About” page within the Settings screen of the admin UI with to tell more about the current Skuid environment. This is designed to provide the necessary information for support engagements, community posts, or just as a safety check for debugging.

  • (NLX only) App detail page performance improvements: Builders working in apps with many resources, particularly pages and users, will see performance improvements from the backend changes we’ve made as part of the DU2 effort.

  • (NLX only) Page Include dependency notifiers: These icons illustrate when a page is referenced by a Page Include within another page. Alongside these indicators, we’ve put safeguards in place to prevent users from deleting these referenced, included pages–listing out all known “container pages” to adjust before deleting the page in question.


    This feature is not enabled in all Skuid sites by default. Contact your Skuid representative to try this feature if it’s unavailable in your site.

  • In Skuid SFX, builders can now open the Design System Studio in a new tab from the design systems list page

Included tickets


For better page dependency visibility, indicate pages used within Page Includes on the Pages screen in Skuid NLX


In Skuid NLX, update the page delete confirmation modal to inform user if page is used elsewhere


Update version information screen in Skuid NLX


For better page dependency visibility, indicate pages used within Page Includes within an app’s detail screen in Skuid NLX


In Skuid NLX, add functionality to list container pages for an included page from the Pages screen


In Skuid NLX for included pages, update the page deletion confirmation modal to list any app/container page dependencies that block the deletion of the selected page


Backend scaffolding to support page dependency detection


In Skuid NLX, fix issue where included pages are not automatically added to apps when selected through the Page Include component


In Skuid NLX, fix issue where load new page component action doesn’t create a page dependency record


Implement enhanced user/permission endpoints in the app detail screen


In Skuid SFX, allow builders to open the Design System Studio in a new tab from the design systems list page


Fix a bug in Skuid NLX where adding a dependent page to an app with same design system throws warning message


Backend Skuid NLX enhancements to support Page Include dependency detection


In Skuid NLX, fix Pages screen search and filter issues that were caught in early test environments


In Skuid NLX, implement additional client-side performance enhancements for app detail pages


Skuid NLX Backend enhancements related to Page Include dependency checks


Update version information screen in Skuid SFX


Update release notes link for version information screen in Skuid SFX


Update release notes link for version information screen in Skuid NLX


Reset component-level sort end user preferences when a field is removed from the component in the Composer


Add action to clear Search condition and search box


Ensure sort order preferences are retained for models sorted client-side While component-based sorting preferences were previously saved (when sorting is set in Table headers or the Sort Builder), this fix ensures end user sort preferences are also saved on the model when appropriate.


Adjust available Wizard properties to support Dubai Update 2 enhancements around progression indication


Update Wizard component action so the “StepID” property accepts merge syntax


Add component merge variable for current Wizard step


Add component action to set Wizard layout to horizontal, vertical, or toggle between the two


Add Navigation and Vertical Navigation component actions to select navigation items


Add Navigation and Vertical Navigation component actions to expand sub-navigation items


Add enable conditions to navigation items, as well as allow the disabled state for these items to be styled in the Design System Studio


Add conditional rendering to individual Wizard steps and add dynamic step actions “Navigate to next step” and “Navigate to previous step”


Add Actions tab for Wizard steps, allowing sets of actions to run the first time a step is shown or whenever it is shown


Implement the Carousel component


Pass row context into menus when available on iterating components (like Decks and Lists)


Internal enhancements for Button Group spacing settings


Ensure global merge variables update properly in Chart and Image components


Adjust “Block UI with message” action behavior so that its animation completes before moving to the next action This fix resolves an issue where, when the action after Block UI takes a long time, the UI blocking animation would never complete, effectively freezing the page.


Don’t show “View” link in Composer for design systems that are not editable


In the Calendar component, ensure horizontal grouping lanes show correct start/end times


Ensure checkbox fields displayed as switches can be returned to read mode after they’ve been toggled into edit mode


Ensure newly supported merge syntax within Wizard and Navigation component actions functions within action sequences where context may vary


Fix issue where component names render twice in the canvas, e.g. “WrapperWrapper” instead of “Wrapper”


Ensure that JSS used to extend design systems is not erased when changes are saved in orgs without the feature enabled, which affected some default design systems


Ensure components that paginate (Decks, Lists, Tables) allow users to navigate pages properly, even if their footers are hidden


In Safari, ensure fields receive browser focus when toggling from read to edit in Forms set to read with inline edit


Fix issue where adding a row action to a List component would also add row actions to any nested elements (drawers, modals, sliding panels)


Improve UI-only formula field performance by adjusting adoptRows API logic


Fix global merge variables not updating in Geochart titles


Ensure font weights applied to Toast messages in Design System Studio are applied


Fix issue where adding a Responsive Grid to the canvas triggers automatic title case on action labels and some properties


Adjust progress indication property to allow for “None” option, resolving unexpected behaviors when combined with vertical navigation


Add Enable conditions to List component row actions


Carousel component copy improvements


Ensure the skuid.model.Model.loadAllRemainingRecords() API triggers only one model.loaded event—improving page performance since components must rerender when that event is published


Fix issue where merge variables displaying child relationship picklist fields would cause pages to break