A library of functions for generating standard properties that are used by many or most components.

Good news, everyone!

We are currently writing more material for our Javascript API. All of the objects and functions you see below are part of Skuid’s public API, even if they aren’t fully documented yet. Feel free to experiment while we write about them—and check back later for updates.



Returns a PropertyListItem for a CSS Class property.


Returns a PropertyListItem for a Unique Id property. A component’s Unique Id identifies it on the page and enables Skuid to distinguish between two otherwise identical components. The Unique Id typically appears as an id attribute at runtime in the rendered component’s top-level DOM element, but this is not required.

  • parameters

    A required dictionary object with the following properties:


    REQUIRED. An instance of skuid.builder.Component.

    onChange(newValue, oldValue)

    Optional. A function to call when the Unique Id property has changed.

    • newValue – The newly entered value. This will be the Unique Id value in the future.
    • oldValue – The previous value. This was the Unique Id value in the past.