Finding your Skuid version

You can see the your environment’s Skuid version in Settings > About.

This version number is determined by the Skuid package installed in your org.

This version number follows this general format:


These numbers typically increment by one with each release:

  • With each new major release (e.g. from Brooklyn to Chicago), the major number increments.
  • With each update release (from Chicago to Chicago Update 1) the update number increments.
  • With each regular maintenance release (typically every two weeks or as needed), the maintenance number increments.
  • The final digit, for hotfix releases, does not correspond to the installed managed package. Instead, this digit only applies if the CDN is enabled, though it can appear as .0 even if you have disabled the CDN. Each hotfix release typically only contains 1-2 urgent fixes.

    This digit can appear on SFX because Skuid’s CDN assets are often newer than your managed package release—potentially containing changes beyond what was shipped in a particular managed package. Sometimes this may simply be a hotfix release ahead of your current version—so the number displayed may closely mirror the version of Skuid’s managed package you have installed except for the final digit. But sometimes you may see a newer version listed here than expected, meaning some Skuid functionality may be different than what is documented in your version.

    In this case, refer to the documentation for the version shown on the About page for the most accurate information for your Skuid runtime behaviors. If you see unexpected issues, consider disabling the CDN.