Field Rendering Options

This tutorial shows some of the options you have in Skuid to customize how a field is rendered.

Skuid provides different Field Renderer options depending on the field type.


  1. Click on the field you want to edit.
  2. Select the desired Renderer.

All fields have the option of Standard or Custom Renderer. Picklists can also be rendered as Radio Buttons, and lookup fields can be rendered as picklists, rather than the standard auto-complete.

You can choose to render a picklist as Radio Buttons.


You can choose to render a Lookup/Reference field as a picklist.


  1. Click on a REFERENCE-type field.
  2. Select the desired Renderer. Lookups render as Auto-complete by default, but you can choose to render them as a Picklist instead.

For multi-select picklists, the Standard renderer is a multi-select list of checkboxes.


You can also choose a Custom Field Renderer.


For Custom Field Renderers, enter the Render Snippet for the snippet of code that will determine this button’s function. Snippets must be registered using skuid.snippet.registerSnippet(snippetName, snippetFunction). For more information, check out the tutorial Use Inline Javascript to Create a Slider Field Renderer and see the Skuid Developer Resources article on Snippets.