Can I build with Skuid in different production environments?

Using Salesforce change sets and Skuid page packs, apps and content can be deployed from org to org. This allows builders to send Skuid-built applications to development, testing, staging, and production.

Builders may programmatically move Skuid pages and metadata using the skuid-sfdx Salesforce command-line interface (CLI) plugin. The Salesforce CLI works with Salesforce metadata in general, and the skuid-sfdx plugin sits atop the CLI to pull/push Skuid-specific metadata.

This plugin can download Skuid pages from a Salesforce org as a code asset. This asset can be stored in source control, parsed and modified, or pushed to another site. Because this interaction happens over a CLI, the skuid-sfdx plugin can also be integrated with various forms of deployment automation, which can be useful in environments that use CI/CD processes.

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