Data Source Specific Actions

Some data sources offer unique actions—like sending an email using the specific data source.

Run data source action

Various data sources may have powerful interactions (data manipulations or organizational actions) unique to their service. Coded within Skuid’s data source types are the functions and API calls needed to facilitate these complex interactions without any additional setup. Essentially, data source actions save the work of writing snippets for complex data source needs.

  • Data source: Select one of the configured data sources.
  • Action: These are determined by the data source selected.

Other properties in the action are determined by the data source and data source action selected. If there are no actions for the selected data source, Skuid notifies you.

Specific data source actions and their properties are listed within the topics for each data source type.


Run data source action looks at all data sources in the Skuid configuration, regardless of whether or not they are represented by a model in the current page. Certain data sources may need a model present for their actions, and others may not, so be sure to read the Skuid documentation for the specific data source.

While data source actions are coded within data source types, you must configure a data source to take advantage of data source actions—without a data connection, there are no actions to run!