Skuid pages and their metadata are represented by two files:

  • The page’s XML file
  • A JSON file, consisting of the page’s metadata

The following values must all match:

  • The name of the XML file
  • The name of the JSON metadata file
  • The value of the name key in the JSON metadata file

The JSON file includes the following values:

Field Name Type Description
apiVersion String The page’s API version, determining the types of components and JavaScript APIs available.
uniqueId String The unique Id of the Skuid page, typically the page’s name
type String Whether or not the page is a Desktop or Mobile page. Note: Mobile pages refer to the deprecated Mobile Builder.
name String The name of the Skuid page, associated with the page’s Name property. Must match the name of the page’s XML file or else the JSON metadata and XML will not be associated with each other, which can lead to erroneous deployments.
module String Skuid on Salesforce only Determines which module the page is associated with
maxAutoSaves Number The max number of unnamed page revisions that will be created by Skuid when the user clicks Save in the App Composer
isMasterPage Boolean Determines whether or not the page may used as a master page for other pages