How do Skuid pages work in Lightning?

In the Lightning App Builder, builders can use the Skuid Page (Aura) Lightning component to drag and drop Skuid pages right into a Lightning page (App, Record Detail, or Home) with no code necessary.

Builders can also add the Skuid Page (Aura) Lightning component alongside standard Lightning components, Lightning web components (LWC), and custom Aura components.

Skuid pages within our Aura components can publish and listen for Aura events in real time.

For example, if a user changes a field value in a Skuid page, it will automatically update standard and custom Lightning components displaying that field within the Lightning page—assuming those components use event subscription functionality.

You can include Skuid in an Aura-based custom Lightning component.

Skuid can also be implemented in LWC-exclusive contexts with the Skuid Page (LWC) Lightning component.