Skuid and Apex

Apex is a strongly typed, object-oriented program language that enables end users to invoke business logic while taking advantage of Salesforce’s multi-tenant, cloud-based technology. It’s a Java-like language that allows you to streamline certain processes. Skuid highly recommends familiarizing yourself with Apex to discover how it can make managing your data easier.

Because of Apex’s strengths, you should consider its use even before designing your Skuid pages. If you are planning for some action to occur each time a SalesForce object is updated—across pages—Apex is a suitable choice for more advanced needs. While Skuid allows you a degree of automation, particularly through the Action Framework, this automation should be used strictly to enhance user experience and not to automate data manipulation. Instead, incorporate that automated data manipulation as part of your Salesforce data model through Apex so you won’t need to duplicate your Skuid efforts across multiple pages.

Once you have written some Apex, using it in tandem with Skuid is a powerful way to enhance your user experience. And depending on the needs of the org, there are several ways to utilize Apex within a Skuid implementation.


These processes assume basic knowledge of the following: