All code samples below refer to the skuid object.

In the v2 API, this object is not directly accessible when working within a browser console—or when referring to another Skuid page runtime.

If you are experiencing issues, use the skuid.runtime API to target the appropriate page context.


Good news, everyone!

We are currently writing more material for our Javascript API. All of the objects and functions you see below are part of Skuid’s public API, even if they aren’t fully documented yet. Feel free to experiment while we write about them—and check back later for updates.

The snippet module exposes functions for registering and working with snippets. In general, the easiest way to register a snippet is to go to the Page Builder’s Resources tab, opening the Javascript area, and creating a snippet.


Retrieve a code snippet.

  • snippetName (string) – The name the snippet was registered under

The function which was registered under snippetName, or undefined if snippetName was not recognized.

Return type:


skuid.snippet.registerSnippet(snippetName, snippetFunction)

Registers a function as a named snippet on the page.

To avoid snippet name conflicts, you should prefix a namespace to snippetName, e.g. acme.MyAwesomeSnippet.

  • snippetName (string) – The name under which the snippet will be registered
  • snippetFunction() (function) – The function to be registered