What do customers say about us?


“The workflow enabled by Skuid is just very simple, so we haven’t needed much training. All three projects were truly amazing, what we were able to put out in such a short time. We saved thousands of lines of code. Without Skuid, we wouldn’t have been able to do all of that work in the same time frame.

Amanda Joslin, Group Product Manager, Intuit


“The biggest value prop for partnering with Skuid is that it takes technology off the table. I don’t have to worry about ‘can we do this?’, instead it’s ‘why can’t we do this?’”

– Shan Jegatheeswaran, VP of Commercial Excellence, BHGE


“The value that Skuid brings to us is that we can have a single view with dynamic filters that, with fewer clicks, get our users to the data they need to do their job… For users who feel like they’re hitting the limits of the tools they have, Skuid allows you to accomplish more.”

– Michael Barnes, Director, GolfNow


“With Skuid, when making a new application, getting it live and launched into production for all of our reps to use is extremely quick and simple compared to traditional development environment that could take weeks or months at a time to launch a custom-made application…Skuid makes my job easier by giving me the ability to rapidly deploy fixes and changes.”

– Michael Schnieep, Customer Success Operations Specialist, Procore


“Skuid makes data actionable on every single screen. There is no other tool you can bolt on and say that.”

– Brandon Gage, Senior Vice President of Technology, United Capital


“Skuid has been very helpful for us,” says Vineet Kumar, Solution Architect at Fujitsu America. “It was incredibly simple for us to put together a proof of concept, and then to take that and build a new tool for the company.”

– Vineet Kumar, Solution Architect, Fujitsu