What are the benefits of Skuid?

  • Prototype faster: Create a proof-of-concept app in hours or days instead of weeks or months*.
  • Develop faster: Accelerate development cycles up to 73%†.
  • Iterate faster: Cut down on the response time to user feedback by adjusting apps declaratively instead of writing code.
  • Click less: A Skuid customer decreased the number of clicks in a data creation workflow from 49 to 4.
  • Save money: Reduce training costs for app adoption up to 62%†.
  • Maximize your Salesforce investment: Leverage Salesforce’s data schema and automated processes while eliminating or reducing custom code requirements.
  • Salesforce Native: Skuid fully supports Salesforce’s security model and data model by running within the Salesforce ecosystem.

* Listen to the Procore case study

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