Page Revisions

Page revisions make it easier for you to design and test pages, as they can be used to rollback a Skuid page to a previous point in its development. There are two types of page revisions:

  • Auto-save revisions: An auto-save revision is generated each time a Skuid page is saved. These revisions have a name format of AUTO-SAVE YEAR-MONTH-DAY HOUR:MINUTE:SECOND.

    These revisions allow end users to quickly revert a page to a previous state. However, the amount of auto-saves a page will generate is limited by the Max auto-saves property. Auto-save revisions will be deleted—oldest first—once this limit is reached.


    • Despite the name, Skuid does not automatically save your work in the Composer.
    • The date/time stamps in auto-save names are based on your organization’s time zone, not the time zones of the builders that create revisions.
  • Named revisions: A named revision is more permanent than an auto-save revision, intended to represent a specific moment in a page’s development. Named revisions have descriptions and are never automatically deleted.

See a Page’s Revisions

To see a list of page revisions, open the Page revisions popup:

  1. Click Revisions.

From here, a list of all available page revisions is displayed. You may click Hide Auto-Saves to only display named revisions of a page—useful for quickly discerning intentional milestones in a page’s development.

The search feature in this list will search both the Description and Created By fields.

Create Named Revisions

Named revisions may be created manually or by converting an auto-save into a named revision.

To manually create a named revision

  1. Click add Add new revision within the Page Revisions popup.
  2. Enter a name in the Description field.
  3. Click Save.

To convert an auto-save to a named revision

  1. Click edit Edit Row beside an auto-save revision.
  2. Update the Description field.
  3. Click Save.

Once an auto-save revision has a description, it is considered a named revision and will not be deleted once the auto-save limit is reached.

Restore Previous Revisions

To restore a Skuid page to a previous revision:

  1. Open the Page Revisions popup.
  2. Find the revision you wish to restore.
  3. Click import-page Restore this revision on the appropriate row.

The selected page’s revision will then be applied within the Composer as unsaved changes If you wish to save this newly restored revision, click Save.

Delete Revisions

To manually delete any revision:

  1. Open the Page Revisions popup.
  2. Find the revision you wish to delete.
  3. Click delete Delete.
  4. Repeat this for any other revisions you wish to delete.
  5. Click Save in the Page Revisions popup.

If you decide against deleting any revision during this process, click Cancel in the Page revisions popup.