With Skuid, you can build apps that are very simple—or surprisingly complex. Use a single Skuid page for the app—or easily combine many pages into a robust application. Employ a one model to pull data into the page—or use two, three or more models. Maybe one component is just right to display the data on a page, or maybe the user experience will be better with information displayed using the component best suited to that data.

Start in Skuid’s Composer, where you design, build, and configure Skuid pages. The Composer helps builders create a streamlined, intuitive user experience, bringing together separate on-screen elements and diverse data to create a full-featured business solution.

Design Thinking

As an app builder, your first inclination may be to just start building. But first, take some time to think through the design of the app and how it will support existing business processes. This step is often overlooked in app design, but including it streamlines actual development and helps to ensure that the finished app meets the needs of it’s users.