How can Skuid builders optimize for page performance?

Page complexity is often a major factor when it comes to performance.

Models and the Action Framework allow the page builder to determine when data loads from a Salesforce object. These tools can be used to improve page performance

For example, if multiple models query large sets of data on page load, then load times may increase. A page builder may use model conditions to narrow down the records returned to models, thereby reducing the number of records returned.

Also, a page builder may determine that some models do not need to be queried at page load. A page builder can use the Action Framework to trigger a query of those models when the end user clicks on a button or a tab. This reduces the amount of data queried on page load and will improve page performance.

Skuid makes it possible for builders to deliver complex apps that leverage large amounts of Salesforce data.

For more information, see our Skuid and Salesforce Lightning Performance Tips documentation