Event System

Skuid components use a publish-subscribe event system to notify and synchronize changes in data, user actions, and other activities. For example, when a component is added to a page it is automatically subscribed to the events of all the other components.

For example, when a Skuid model is successfully saved, the model.saved event is published, and all of the components on the page will update.

Custom events can also be published using the Action Framework.

Event subscriptions can be created declaratively in the Action Framework or programmatically with Skuid’s skuid.events.subscribe API.

Events are always active in the background while end users interact with a Skuid application, which means they have no effect on the user experience unless a builder has configured a specific event to trigger a sequence of actions.

For more information, see https://docs.skuid.com/latest/en/skuid/api/skuid_events.html