Logic Actions

The lone action in this group supports conditional branches, separate branches of actions within a single action script, based on a formula (“If this is true, then do this; if not, do that “). All this is performed within the Action Framework, without using JavaScript snippets with If/Else statements.


Used to create conditional branches within Action Framework scripts.

  • Formula: In this field, use merge syntax as well as Skuid’s UI-only formula functions to dictate the logic of the branch. Some examples:
    • For toggleable fields that result in a boolean value:
      • {{FieldName}} == true
    • To compare fields to values, encase the values in quotation marks:
      • {{ABC}} == “123”
  • Formula Context Model (optional): Establish context for the formula by selecting the model being referred to with merge syntax.
  • Description: Useful for Skuid administrators, the text entered in this field displays beside the word “Branch” in the Actions list.

Using branch actions

  1. Create a new action and select Branch as the action, then edit the branch properties.
  2. Add actions to the branch:
    • To add true actions to the branch, click Add If-True Action on the branch and format the action.
    • To add actions that occur if the branch’s logic is not true, click Add Action (at the top level) and place those actions after the branch action. With conditional branching, the actions Skuid perform depend on if the branch’s logic is true:
      • If the formula is true, then the If-True actions connected to this branch occur—ignoring any actions listed after the branch action in the Action Framework sequence.
      • If the formula is false, Skuid skips the branch—and all actions listed within it—and proceed with any actions listed after the branch.