Lex is a service that allows users to chat with bots that app builders have configured to respond to user input—primarily through voice commands. The commands trigger the bots to complete specified tasks. You can incorporate this functionality into Skuid pages to create a user experience based on more than mouse clicks and text entry, making your app more accessible and intuitive.

The Lex DST allows you to access existing bots within your AWS instance, but you cannot create these bots within Skuid. Because of this, you must first configure any bots within AWS. This topic assumes you have done so and that you possess a basic familiarity with Lex as a service, particularly bots, intents, and slots.

If you need to learn more about Lex or how to configure bots within it, see AWS documentation.


The AWS Lex data source type is currently in development and not usable. Any previous configurations will continue to function, but big changes are coming. Stay tuned!