Content Delivery Network

Content delivery networks (CDNs) are networks of data centers distributed around the globe to more quickly deliver web content. In short, a server that is closer to the client’s computer will be able to deliver content faster.

Skuid can deliver its static assets—HTML, CSS, JavaScript—through its own CDN as well.

To enable or disable CDN usage:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Org Preferences.
  2. Enable or disable the toggle within the CDN pane.


New Skuid environments have CDN use enabled by default. Existing Skuid environments may need to activate the feature manually.

CDN as An External Domain

Because the CDN is an external site from the Salesforce org, use of this feature may depend on your organizations own security rules. Some organizations enforce zero or limited access to external domains.

If there is an outbound firewall in place for your organization, then you must add to its list of allowed hosts for outbound traffic.