All code samples below refer to the skuid object.

In the v2 API, this object is not directly accessible when working within a browser console—or when referring to another Skuid page runtime.

If you are experiencing issues, use the skuid.runtime API to target the appropriate page context.


Many JavaScript libraries use $ as their namespace. To protect Skuid’s version of jQuery while simultaneously allowing developers to load in arbitrary third-party libraries, Skuid uses jQuery’s noConflict <> feature to create a custom jQuery namespace at skuid.$.

You are free to load in any version of jQuery, or any other library, that you’d like to use alongside your Skuid page. Skuid includes jQuery 3, so it’s usually not necessarily to load your own copy of jQuery.

Supported jQuery Plugins

Skuid includes the following jQuery plugins. You may use these when building snippets, custom components, or running your own code within the context of a Skuid page.