Component-Specific APIs

Good news, everyone!

We are currently writing more material for our Javascript API. All of the objects and functions you see below are part of Skuid’s public API, even if they aren’t fully documented yet. Feel free to experiment while we write about them—and check back later for updates.

Along with the standard functions available to all components, several of Skuid’s delivered components have their own unique APIs. Each Component may have its own APIs, available on all instances of the given skuid.component.Component.

To see this in action, enter a Skuid page and complete the following steps:

  1. Open the browser’s console

  2. Set a variable to access a component in console

    var component = skuid.component.getByType('Insert-componentType-Here')[0]

Now that the component variable is pointed to a Skuid component on the page, it will have access to any available component-specific APIs.

If component were a Tab Set, a new tab could be selected within it like so:

// or

Browse the sections below to see which component-specific APIs are available.

Tab Set [[]]

Available on instances of the tabset componentType.


Selects and activates the tab for a given unique ID.

  • tabId (string) – Unique ID of the tab to be selected. Set in Tab Properties within the Composer.

Getter for the currently selected tab

Returns:Unique ID of the tab that is current selected
Return type:String

Called internally when the currently selected tab is unrendered, finds another rendered tab to activate