Getting Help: Granting Login Rights to your Org

This document covers the three key steps needed to grant login access for paid support clients.


This document is meant for paid support customers. If you do not have a paid support account, consider visiting our community.

Support checklist for getting started

  1. Grant access to the org. Use Salesforce’s grant login rights feature to get assistance without sharing credentials. Do not send in your username and password.
  2. Locate the Salesforce org ID. This allows our support team to find the correct org.
  3. Submit the org ID to the support team. This can be done by adding the ID to your support ticket or by emailing it to your support representative.

Grant access to the org

  1. From any Salesforce page in Lightning, click your Lightning-profile-image profile image, and then click on Settings.


    • If you are in the Skuid admin UI, click your username in the navigation header > My Settings.
    • Using Salesforce Classic? Navigate to My Settings > Personal.
  2. Click Grant Account Login Access.

  3. Beside Nintex Support, set the access duration to 1 week in order to give support enough time to investigate and troubleshoot the problem.

    Even though one-to-three days is typically enough time, we ask for one week to ensure we have time to test and verify the solution without re-requesting login access.


    If you see Skuid Support as an option, disregard it. The Skuid Support option is deprecated and will not provide proper login access. Always select Nintex Support.

Locate the Salesforce org ID

  1. Navigate to Salesforce Setup.
  2. In the Quick Find sidebar, search for or navigate to Company Settings > Company Information.
  3. Copy the value listed as the Organization ID.

For additional information:

Submit the org ID to the support team

You can let our support team know your org ID by:

  • Adding the ID to the support ticket.
  • Emailing the ID to your support representative.