Skuid Pages for standard Salesforce CRM

The quickest way to get started with Skuid is to implement the Skuid for CRM pages package. We have taken standard objects and fields, and created Skuid pages that use them. This tutorial will describe the process of implementing this package into an existing org.

Before You Start

The following must be in place before you begin:

  • You must be logged into an active Salesforce Org. This can be a Production Org, a Developer Edition Org, or a Sandbox.
  • You must have System Admin rights to the Org (Or at least the ability to install new packages into the Org).
  • You must have the latest version of Skuid installed in the Org. If Skuid is neither installed nor up-to-date, then visit our Skuid Release page and install the latest package.

Step 1: Install the Skuid for CRM package

Based on the type of Salesforce Org, choose one of the links below:


You should get a page like this.

Use the package install wizard to configure your installation and then in Step 3 select “Install.”


When you get to the Package Details page, look for Step 2.

Step 2: Implement overrides for Objects and Actions

To protect existing Salesforce orgs, page overrides are not activated. To put the overrides in place, follow these steps:

  1. In Setup, navigate to App Setup>Customize>[Object Name]>Buttons, Links and Actions


  1. Override objects and actions with the Visualforce pages included in the package. Choose from the available pages below according to your preferences.

Campaign Object

Action Use VF Page
Campaigns Tab CampaignTab
Clone CloneCampaign
New NewCampaign
View ViewCampaign

Leads Object

Action Use VF Page
Clone CloneLead
Leads Tab LeadTab
New NewLead
View ViewLead

Accounts Object

Action Use VF Page
Accounts Tab Account Tab
New NewAccount
View ViewAccount

Contacts Object

Action Use VF Page
Clone CloneContact
Contacts Tab ContactTab
New NewContact
View ViewContact

Opportunity Object

Action Use VF Page
Clone CloneOpportunity
New NewOpportunity
Opportunities tab OpportunityTab
View ViewOpportunity

Case Object

Action Use VF Page
Cases Tab CaseTab
New NewCase
View ViewCase

Product Object

Action Use VF Page
Products Tab ProductTab
View ViewProduct

Now start using Skuid for CRM!