Designed as a powerful tool for the enterprise software administrator, Skuid allows you to declaratively build and iterate to create business solution applications that provide an exceptional user experience.

The app creation process is straightforward using Skuid’s drag-and-drop features:

  1. Start by giving Skuid access to data by creating connections and authentication.
  2. Then, create the pages that will go into the app:
    • Open a page
    • Create models—and connect the page to them
    • Lay out the page using Skuid’s proprietary components
    • Create interactive features to streamline user workflow with Skuid’s logic options
  3. Once you have a set of pages, style them to provide branding and consistency across all related elements.
  4. Deploy / publish the app’s pages to make them available to end users.

You can do all of these step with declarative functionality. And, if you need to extend with code—you can do it in Skuid.