Advanced and Additional Actions

The advanced actions include running an using snippets, publishing events, and actions for voice commands and offline syncing.

Advanced Actions

Run a Skuid JavaScript Snippet

Like Skuid Javascript snippets? Use a snippet alongside other actions without adding more code to the existing snippet.

  • Name of Snippet to run: The exact name of the snippet.

Snippets must be registered using skuid.snippet.registerSnippet(snippetName, snippetFunction).

Publish Event

Use the Action Framework to publish events. Subscribe to these events with the API.

  • Event name: The name of the event to be published.
  • Publishing Scope: Determines how “far” outside the current page that the published event will reach.
    • All active pages and Lightning Components: (Skuid on Salesforce only) The event will be published on all Skuid pages and all Lightning components active on the current Lightning page.
    • All active pages: The event will be published on all Skuid pages that are active in the current window.
    • Only this page (default): The event will only be published on the current Skuid page.
  • Channel (optional): Determines on which “channel” an event is published, providing another option to narrow the scope of an event. An event subscription only activates if it is also pointed to the channel specified here, even if the event name is the same.

Additional Actions

Other possible actions.

Open/Close a drawer

Displays a closed drawer, or closes an open one.

  • Configure Drawer: Opens drawer configuration window, where you build the drawer.
  • Drawer Opened Icon: The icon displayed when the drawer is open; users click this to close the drawer.