Page Assignments

Page assignments allow you to assign different Skuid pages to different profiles, users, record types, and any combination thereof. To access the page assignments created within the org, click Deploy in the Skuid navbar.


All users must be granted access to the Visualforce page override when using page assignments, even if some will not be using a Skuid page.

Skuid will not be able to properly redirect users otherwise


  • Users will be redirected to the standard Salesforce layout until an organization default page assignment is set. This allows for controlled roll outs of Skuid pages.
  • Except for Other Situation-based assignments, page assignments are not enforced until a matching Visualforce page has been created and assigned to a Salesforce action. To do this, see Applying Visualforce Overrides.

Managing assignments

After navigating to the Page Assignments page, you’ll see a table of all assignments, and it will likely be empty if Skuid is newly installed.

For each field on this table, begin typing the appropriate value and then select it from the lookup list. To create a new assignment within the table, click fa-plus-circle Add new Page Assignment.

Each row in the table has the following actions:

  • fa-pencil Edit Row: Click to edit an assignment’s fields.
  • fa-times-circle Flag for Deletion: Click to prepare an assignment for deletion. To finish deleting one or more assignments, click Save.

Every page assignment consists of the following:

  • Object Type: Enter the Salesforce object that this assignment should be based, e.g. Account or CustomObject__c.

    • Other Situation: Use this option to create an page assignments that controls which Skuid page appears when a user visits an arbitrary link, which might be a home page dashboard component, a specific link in Skuid Navigation, or any other non-object based page.

      If you use this option, you must select an arbitrary Action Type for the assignment.

      If you are using the Visualforce generation form when looking through markup samples, insert the value of the Other Situation field in the Salesforce Object API Name field.

  • Action Type: Select the Salesforce action—as seen on the object’s Buttons, Links, and Actions pane—that should be overridden by this page assignment.

  • Applies To: Select how an assignment will be handled within the organization. - Organization Default: All users in the org will see the assigned page. - Profile: Only users with a certain Salesforce profile will see the assigned page. - User: Only one particular user will see the assigned page.

  • Record Type: If an assignment’s selected object makes use Salesforce record types , you further specify the assignment based on this field.

    • Any Record Type: All record types for the object will display the same page.
    • Specific Record Type: Enter a particular record type to assign a page to.
  • Page to Use: Select what type of page to present to users.

    • Skuid Page: Enter the name of the Skuid page to be assigned.
    • Use Standard Layouts: Enforce the original Salesforce layout for a user with a Skuid license. This may be useful when particular profiles or users need to see the standard layout when an organization default assignment is already set.
  • Active: Enable and disable an assignment by checking and unchecking this box, respectively.


The Object Type, Action Type, and Page to Use fields all must match the Visualforce markup used for the override.

You can also use filters and the search form to narrow your results if you have many assignments. Activating filters will also pre-populate fields if a new assignment is created while they are active.


The Record Type field takes precedence over Profile, so if you have a System Administrator Profile page assignment for the Account object and an Organization Wide Default Account page assignment for a particular record type and a System Admin user selects the Group tab, then that administrator will see the record type-assigned Account page, not the profile-assigned Account page.

Additional actions

Several additional actions are available by clicking the down arrow fa-caret-down beside fa-plus-circle Add new Page Assignment.

  • fa-suitcase Package all Page Assignments:

    • Packaging Options: Select which page assignments should be packaged on this page.
    • Choose Pack: Select whether to create a new pack—with a name and description—or update an existing one within the org.

    After selecting how to package page assignments, click fa-suitcase Package all Page Assignments to create the pack as a static resource.

  • fa-briefcase Unpack Page Assignments from Pack(s): Select a static resource that corresponds to a pack of page assignments and click fa-suitcase Unpack to apply those page assignments in the table.

  • fa-file-excel-o Export Page Assignments: Exports the table’s data as a CSV. This can also be accomplished by clicking fa-file-excel-o Export table data at the bottom of the table.


  • Users receive an Insufficient Privileges error when trying to access a Skuid page or when trying to access the standard Salesforce layout:

    You do not have the level of access necessary to perform the operation you requested. Please contact the owner of the record or your administrator if access is necessary. For more information, see Insufficient Privileges Errors.

    Users who see this error may not have access to the Visualforce page that overrides the Salesforce page.

    If other users are redirected to the standard Salesforce layout, they still must have access to the Visualforce page. If not, Skuid will not be able to properly redirect those users.

    Verify the user or profile has access to the Visualforce page containing the override markup.